Religion of Atheism


Is Atheism religion?

This topic was discussed on Channel 4.

Nov. 2008

CDarwin said:

Definition of religion: "a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny."

Omrow said:


Religion means: Any belief system that is acted upon by two or more people.

Atheists do hold a set of beliefs, albeit irrational, and, they do act upon these beliefs.

The bases of Atheists' belief system has changed over the century.

Currently it is based upon a silly monkey story.

jzzermonty said:

No, Your wrong. Religion is

"a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny"

LOOK IT UP. You have a computer.

Omrow said:


That silly definition is an Atheist definition of what they think religion is supposed to be.

Again, as usual, Atheist are again trying to impose THEIR irrational belief on the rest of humanity.

No one has to buy things from the monkeys.

jazzermonty said:


a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, esp. when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.

How can this be a silly definition Omrow? Are you making up new meanings for words now as well as your sky faries? You really have to try harder Omrow

The Carpenter said:

Omrow said: Religion is any belief system that is acted upon by two or more people.

So when Martin Johnson picks his XV believing they'll beat the aussies, Brain Smith tells them what attacks he believes will score against the aussies and Mike Ford tells them how he believes they should defend, and the XV start acting on what they've been told, at exactly what point do they become a religion?

If you're going to 'make a point', so deluded & so vague that it's completely meaningless, there's really not much hope for you is there? Try & tighten up your "definition" to the point where it's meaningful, then we can decide whether atheism is a religion or not (a little clue; IT'S NOT!).

quote:Atheists do hold a set of beliefs, albeit irrational - and, they do act upon these beliefs.

Atheists hold no beliefs, beyond not believing in God or Gods. This (as you've admitted elsewhere) is a rational position.

quote:Bases of Atheist belief system has changed over the century. Currently it is based upon a silly monkey story.

I assume you're just misrepresenting the Theory of Evolution again, try learning about something before you comment on it.

Omrow said:

Some religions exists only for a very short while.

Others do last longer, evidently.

Football has also become a religion.

One thing is for sure:

Beckham was no God. He married a cow.

Chairman Al said: [Omrow's replied in bold]

Why is it that religious people need to put people in boxes?

Perhaps for the same reason that Atheists do?

Faith believers can take two of the most different people on earth in terms of culture, personality, nature, appearance and mentality but if they both have no interest in spirituality or belief in a supreme being the faithful want to put them in a box called "athiesm".

Maybe because thats what Atheism is?

It is absolutely ridiculous to think that completely diverse people will group together on the basis of what they don't believe.

But facts on the ground show that they do.

If they did then I must also be a member of all the people who do not believe that there is a hot bowl of steaming chicken soup on Mars waiting as a prize for the winner of "I'm a Martian get me out of here! "

No Martians. Lets just stick to God.

Please accept that having a spiritual "faith" is not essential to life.

Who said it is? Ignorance can indeed be bliss. Many a joyful Atheist live quite happy lives without bothering with things that they are incapable of comprehending.

Please also accept as fact that a large majority of people will not believe in your particular spiritual "faith" and have either choose another one, from a list of thousands of alternatives, or have decided not to bother with whole pomposity of having a spiritual faith at all.

Yes. Accepted. What you said is common sense and the same thing is stated in muslim holy book: Majority tends to behave sheep.

The Carpenter said:

Omrow, is "not playing golf" a hobby?

Omrow said:

You're a carpenter.
What would you know about golf. Its a gentleman's game.
Stick to making crucifixes.

jazzermonty said:

I have a project in work that involves a large number of people working in conjunction with each other for a common objective. We act apon the belief which is that we will deliver the project. At the start of the project we don't know if this will be successful. As the project continues through it's evolution the confidence level rises. We use all our experience and knowledge (based on facts, not faith) to deliver the project so that my company makes money and therefore survives. So is this a religious practice?

I have faith that the project will succeed as I know the expertise of my collegues will ensure this. As there are no supernatural beings involved does this still qualify as a religion?

Omrow said:

Many "isms" are religions.

Capatialism has been called a religion by many people.

Money is its "God".

You try to reach your "heaven".

jazzermonty said:

I'd still love to find out Omrow's handicap though as he's accused Carpenter of not knowing about Golf. Obviously he does play the game and therefore can comment quite confidently on the subject.

Omrow - I ask again, what's your handicap?

Omrow said:

I shall not be talking about my golf ratings here.

Why do you guys divert from the discussion at hand: "The Voice of Monkeys".

Atheists are often like drowning men clutching at straws.

It is an obvious fact that most Athiests are incapable of basic reasoning.

That is why any thinker would notice that Athiests tend to do silly things during a discussion.

They love to change the topic and then flee when their stupidity is proven.

Thats a sad existence.


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