Updated: 2011

The team is editing the debates for posting, which is why some parts are left blank.

Most of the debates were thrilling to watch.

Debating Society of the Philosophy Department conducts sessions of debate each month.

Atheists received an absolute thrashing. Followers of Richard Dawkins were ripped to pieces. They could not even handle simple reasoning, let alone impeccable logic.

Feminists were also ripped apart by some members of the student union. Exponents of feminism were embarrased by scientific evidence against their position. See page 5 for transcripts.

No Atheist had the ability to defend their stance by using only reason. Very few participants could even give any evidence for Evolution.

Some participants ran away, while other resorted to insulting the religious members on Channel 4.

Organised formal debates are continuing on Channel 4.

Here is a selection of what is going on TV in Britain.

more to follow...

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