Religions Evil


This debate took place on Channel 4

"Organised religion is the work of Satan"

April 2008


Debate Moderator Chairman Al:

No one else could have devised such a perfect plan to pitch human against human under the guise of "good".

Heselbine said:

I think I see the flaw in your argument...

Question: in the bible, how many deaths is god responsible for? How many is Stan responsible for?

Channel 4 Moderator Chairman Al said:

... this is not about one religion or bible - if there was only one organised belief there would not be a problem.

Is the creation of many diverse religions, each basking in their own unique glory whilst intolerant of others a cunning plan by the dark one?

Mr Woolf said:

Quite remarkable: For once, you're right, Al.
Religion is, indeed, a curse.
Glad I'm not religious myself.

Channel 4 Moderator Chairman Al said:

Although I am an athiest, I respect the right to individual belief - it is one of the things that makes life so interesting.

If I did believe in a god or gods I would not be impressed if my god thought that he needed religious "leaders" marketing their poxy little churches for their own gratification and self importance. My god would despair at those ill informed religious "experts" who thought that they knew him better than others and who were prepared to push their dogma forecably in an effort to dominate and be all powerful. My God would believe that only he is all powerful and that the church and its human ideas and rules is false idolatory.

- that, my friends is why organised religion should be regarded by all those who believe in a higher spirit, is the work of beast.

So does god think organised religion is healthy or unhealthy?

the purity of inner salvation versus the murky waters of indoctrination?

Omrow said:

Same silly line of reasoning can be used to say:

"Organised science is the work of evil."

Channel 4 Moderator Chairman Al said:

I haven't seen the Royal Society flying planes into the buildings of their American counterparts.

Or factions within the Royal Observatory killing each other with car bombs because they are looking through different telescopes.

I haven't seen scientists recruiting vulnerable children and indoctrinating them on string theory and telling them that it is the truth and to hate those scientists who are disblievers.

Omrow said:

Chairman seems to be against organised religion.

Perhaps he would not mind a disorganised religion as much?

Lets take a guess as wild as his own:

Maybe its the existence of christians, muslims, jews, hindus, buddhists that is stopping Atheists from eating their own babies?

What else would stop them?

Channel 4 Moderator Chairman Al said:

morality, common sense, the rule of democratic law, self preservation...

Religion was poly filler for the minds of ancients who had millions of questions but only superstition and fear to answer them. Not for them to know that living on the palms of their hands are 150 different little micro organisms. Religion was a temporary gap filler until the human mind found logic and science.

Omrow said:

[quote: chairman had said: "I haven't seen the Royal Society flying planes into the buildings of their American counterparts."]

If you were honest and not blinded by your hatred of religious people, you would easily see how scientists are also part of slaughter and mayhem; infact the biggest mass murder of all time.

I will give you a clue:

Millions of innocent people in Hiroshima wiped out was actually a "fruit" of crazy scientists.

Channel 4 Moderator Chairman Al said:

I hate no one. I love religious people, they add to the colour of life.

I hate all organisations that are false, illogical and harmful.


You may recall that it was Emperor Hirohito who brought the US into WWII.

The Japanese thought it entirely logical that people should obey their Emperor and worship him as a god. They sacrificed themselves in his name rather than surrender. It was just another religion that caused unnecessary suffering - again!

Omrow said:

I see.

You want to believe the American version of events.

Thats fine by me. Its a free country.

However, I have a few Japanese friends. They claim U.S. was the aggressor. Japan was only defending itself.

In anycase, your reply seems to shield scientists who do evil things, while you criticise religions.

Also, you seems to think that if Japan started the war, then that makes it all right for America to drop nuclear bombs, and, thereby murder millions of innocent people in Hiroshima.

Why not stick to being honest and fair?

jazzermonty said:

Omrow actually has a point here. Swap Japanese for English, and Emperor for Queen (or during WW2 King) and you pretty much have the same public obsession.

Sanj Singh said:

Yep, or we can use the example of the Germans and their adoration of Hitler, the Americans and their obsession with fighting their war on terror.

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